The Simply Music student program achieves the following:

*Beginning students play great sounding music from their very first lessons.
*Students progress quickly and easily through the program.
*Within 12 months, students have a repertoire of 35 to 50 pop, blues, classical and accompaniment pieces.
*The program is suitable for both children and adults.
*It is fun to participate in, and is simple and practical in nature.

*Also attracts more advanced students and more experienced players.


Age is no barrier to learning music with the eldest student being 79 and the youngest 6.5 years old.


The goal of Simply Music is that the student experiences playing the piano as a "lifelong friend".

A comment often made by mature adults is that they can’t get enough of learning to play this way.

Choice of instuments range from keyboards, digital pianos, upright pianos and baby grand pianos.

Keyboards are a great asset for people who live in small units or in family situations and can avoid disturbing others by wearing headphones.

*Rental keyboards are available


Students attend on a weekly basis and are placed in small groups with people of similar ages and abilites.

The studio is made up of students from Australia, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, South Africa, and New Zealand. People have even taken lessons while they were holidaying in Australia. They were so excited about what they could learn.