Students are required to practise for 15-20 minutes 5-6 days per week. This is separate to sitting down to play for fun and pleasure.

Students often wish to practise longer because they enjoy it so much. Smaller regular practise is more beneficial than longer less frequent sessions.

Students of this program receive a DVD, CD, notes and music materials, which assist with the coaching in the home environment.


Students are required to keep a play list which records the songs they have learned and the days which they practise them through the week.

Parents are invited to attend the lessons with their children. As a parent the role is to oversee the instruction, support the home practise sessions, and if necessary, assist the child whenever something arises that the child needs support with.

In the first year students will typically have 35-50 pieces of various musical genres.

*Develop the basics of accompaniment  performance
*Establish a strong foundation of playing
*Prepare for the introduction of reading  music.